While many of us use the term “spring cleaning” loosely, it’s an actual practice (dating back centuries) that also adds some health benefits.

Figure out your BIG nontoxic why and do what works best for you. Remember that every small change is important. Every change is reducing toxic body burden.

Three steps to achieve your 2021 goals to create healthy self-development and sustainable habits that will last for the long run.

This holiday season is going to be filled with tough choices and changes for families. To make the best of the challenges we are facing, we can choose to focus on the good that’s still all around us. When we reflect each day on our blessings, we’ll be much happier overall.

In a down economy, more people turn to entrepreneurial opportunities as traditional 9-5 jobs continue to be scarce. The unlimited opportunity through online marketing is a blessing.

People all over the world have used lavender for centuries. This purple super flower has many uses from essential oils to recipes.

As we’re rapidly approaching the holiday season, I thought I would create a list of healthy gift ideas for all of us. I own and use many of the items on this holiday gift idea list; others I wish I had!

Imagine waking up to a paycheck that rises while you’re asleep, being able to take a vacation and getting paid while you’re away, or watching your income increase by hundreds a month!

Pink ribbons, pink stickers, pink jewelry, even pick socks for the boys’ soccer team. There is an endless list of products sold in the name of breast cancer awareness that are an easy way to support the cause. But do you know if you donations is actually being used for breast cancer research?

Although houseplants may be intimidating to those with a “black thumb” or fear of commitment, it turns out that it is easy to care for many plants —so easy, in fact, you’d have to try pretty hard to kill them. Here is my list of nine virtually indestructible plants.