Protect yourself and your family from harmful and hidden chemicals. Choose REAL scented products and REAL ingredients.

While many of us use the term “spring cleaning” loosely, it’s an actual practice (dating back centuries) that also adds some health benefits.

Figure out your BIG nontoxic why and do what works best for you. Remember that every small change is important. Every change is reducing toxic body burden.

I love the holiday decorating traditions! Do you deck the halls, hang mistletoe, light your yard brightly, set up a tree, or do all of this and more? If this sounds like you, you will definitely be interested in the nontoxic ideas in this blog.

Chemicals linked to breast cancer have no place in anyone’s beauty routine. That’s what you’d think, but you can find these chemicals in personal care products sold across the United States.

Fall is here and this is the time when we typically start to see changes in our skin. The great news is there are five things we can do to help nourish our skin right now.

It’s widely known that illness, allergies, and stress can all cause headaches. Certain foods, like caffeine and sugar, can cause headaches, too. Increasingly, it’s becoming clear that chemicals in our everyday products can also cause headaches.

Even products advertised as “green,” “natural,” or “fragrance free” can contain chemicals that cause health problems.