Ingredients in our everyday products can affect our immune systems

What is body burden?

You might be wondering what body burden does to our immune systems.

What does body burden mean?

It’s mostly just what it sounds like, something that puts a burden on your body. Specifically, chemicals, a toxic substance, or a radioactive element. It means these chemicals and toxic substances are building up in our bodies to a concentrated level, affecting the function of our bodies’ systems.

Think of a bowl. Our bodies are like that bowl. Chemicals and substances fill the bowl, and over time, the bowl can overflow. When this happens, the substances and chemicals spill into other areas and result in a variety of symptoms, such as a WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, allergies, fatigue, skin conditions, asthma, general pain, and brain fog.

While all of these symptoms are troublesome, many are linked to a suppressed immune process. This study talks about the toxicity of chemicals and how they suppress the immune system.

More troubling is the fact that exposure to these chemicals and substances even while in-utero can lead to adult diseases over time. Here’s a great read on this issue: BODY BURDEN: THE POLLUTION IN NEWBORNS: HUMAN HEALTH PROBLEMS ON THE RISE.

Often times, the root of many problems comes from a suppressed immune system. The immune system, which consists of white blood cells and other lymphatic components, provides immunity from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and tumors to your entire body. Our immune systems help our bodies know the difference between their own cells and tissues, differentiating them from foreign cells and substances.

As foreign cells and substances are increasing in the body, the immune system has to work harder to protect the rest of the body. Anything from carcinogens to heavy metals must be identified by the immune system and then it must actively protect the body from each substance.

The greater amount and number of substances, the harder the immune system has to work. If your body is working overtime to protect you from things in our everyday products, it’s never getting a break and can become suppressed and weak over time.

Start reducing body burden immediately by identifying some of the harmful chemicals in your everyday products and switch to products that are nontoxic. Here is a list of ingredients to avoid.