Spring Cleaning without the Toxins

What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself!

Read your labels.

I’m ready to invite Spring to New England and with that a little Spring cleaning is in order.

The American Lung Association reports that many mainstream cleaning products can irritate your eyes or your throat; and cause skin irritation, headaches and or other health problems, including cancer. The Mayo Clinic recently posted another great article on cleaning products and the effects of toxic chemicals. None of these things are favorable for any of us! I remember my cleaning lady being so grateful that I had a nontoxic solution that actually works. She had a reoccurring cough and had to wear gloves because the skin on her hands were so damaged. I’m proud to say that my team has been able to provide safe solutions to many cleaning companies and families across the United States.

Even products advertised as “green,” “natural,” or “fragrance free” can contain chemicals that cause health problems. Fortunately, you can limit your exposure to those risks. Read all of your labels and avoid cleaning products that do not list ingredients. That’s right, it’s not mandatory that companies include ingredients on the label! It’s up to the consumer to decide whether a product is safe to use or not.

How can you prevent harm from cleaning products?

Read your labels and choose products that have familiar ingredients. Download this detailed list of ingredients to avoid in your products from Pure Haven. If there was a safe solution that works, would you switch? Email me for some options.