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Watch this video to learn more about the harmful, toxic ingredients lurking in our home and personal care products.

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Become aware of harmful ingredients that may be in your personal care products.

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When you join my team and become an independent Pure Haven consultant I can teach you how you can earn more money, maintain your own schedule, and get the flexibility that you need to succeed.

“Having THE Dee Davidson as a mentor/coach has proven invaluable. Dee sees opportunity everywhere and within everyone. Those who accept Dee’s guidance are typically the individuals who find success. We are so fortunate to have Dee as a leader, coach, mentor and friend.”

Kerry L.Team Member, Pure Haven Consultant

“Since becoming part of the Pure Haven team I am more confident, as my teammates and customers trust me and take my advice, I continue to learn and grow each day because of them. My daughters see that I am doing good for the world and they in turn are doing the same, by learning and sharing about harmful and beneficial ingredients themselves.”

Verusca M.Team Member, Pure Haven Consultant

“Dee is a very inspiring and helpful leader! She is always there to support me; if I have a question or just bounce ideas off of! She always knows what to say to help educate me and customers about Pure Haven. As a new consultant I am thankful and grateful my team leader is Dee! Thank you for everything you do!”

Meghan D.Team Member, Pure Haven Consultant

“We are on a mission to remove toxic chemicals out of every home in the world one family at a time and who better to work alongside than someone as dedicated, motivating, and friendly as Dee Davidson. She has always carved out time for me to encourage me and help me form my game plan to reach my goals for the week. We talk about what helps us move forward and what doesn’t, without all the nonsense. Dee also has a good network of people that had empowered me as a business women. I am eternally grateful towards Dee and am honored to call her my friend.”

Stacy D.Team Member, Pure Haven Consultant

“Having the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by Dee Davidson has been monumental in the success of my business. Dee’s style of mentoring is not instructional but rather she empowers her team members by having us look within ourselves to see how we can apply practices to our own individual lifestyles. She realizes that success is different for everyone. By having me define my goals and make my own plan, I am able to more easily achieve short term goals which have served as pivotal blocks to building my Pure Haven business. ”

Amanda G.Team Member, Pure Haven Consultant

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